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Those who are starting a business think that they’d cut costs by doing their own bookkeeping and payroll. While this may be true for a while, business growth brings with it added responsibilities. More often than not, bookkeeping is delegated to the bottom of the to-do list. But the IRS imposes a fine for bookkeeping errors, no matter how small the error is. Over time, these errors prove to be costly. 

Discerning business owners know that they’re better off outsourcing their bookkeeping needs including payroll services. The valuable energy and time that is spent figuring out how much money should you be paying your employees could be spent making actual money. When you outsource your bookkeeping and payroll needs, you get one load off your back. This leaves you with more room to focus on the other important aspects of running a business. 

Payroll Services​

Houston Bookkeeping Company provides bookkeeping and payroll services in Houston, TX. We do payroll computation and processing, payroll taxes, and payroll reports. We take away the burden of payroll off your back. We provide accurate, efficient, and timely payroll services so you know that you’re getting nothing but the best. As a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, we mainly use Quickbooks online but if you have other accounting software in mind, do let us know. We are also familiar with all major accounting applications out in the market today. 

Give us a call at 713-955-5529 so we can discuss your payroll needs and other bookkeeping-related services. We’ll be waiting!

Houston Payroll Services​

Houston Payroll Services

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for Houston payroll services, you have come to the right place. Houston Bookkeeping Company specializes in all aspects of the payroll process. We offer a comprehensive solution to all your bookkeeping and payroll-related needs. As part of our service, we keep a record of all your payroll information. The data is then made available online utilizing payment histories, reports, and other salient features. 

Acquiring the services of payroll companies such as Houston Bookkeeping Company is advantageous for you, the business owner. It takes payroll responsibilities away from you. This allows you to concentrate on growing your business. Time and effort spent doing bookkeeping and payroll could now be spent on other important things. The cost bothers most business owners but in the long run, outsourcing becomes a wise decision and you’ll be reaping the fruits of your investment. 

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We are a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and we do installation, set up, migration, instruction, and support. We mainly use Quickbooks online but we’re also familiar with all major accounting software. If you’re more comfortable using another software other than Quickbooks, we can work with you on that. We take pride in our ability to give our customers flexible options. At Houston Bookkeeping Company, you come first. 

Get in touch with us today by calling us at 713-955-5529. A friendly customer service representative will handle your call. We will then set up an appointment so we can discuss your needs and we can map out our next course of action. Get rid of payroll worries – choose us!

Payroll Services Houston

A simple search on your favourite search engine for “payroll service” can give you millions in results. Even if you narrow it down to a specific area, like “payroll services Houston,” there are still millions to comb through. Needless to say, finding an excellent payroll services provider is like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. But because you, the business owner, understand how helpful it is to have them, you don’t give up. 

So how do you choose the right payroll services provider? The first step is to do your homework. You need to sit down and determine what you need. You also need to map out a plan for your company – how much you’re willing to grow, how many more employees you need to hire to accommodate that growth. Stick to features that you need. There are add-ons but ask yourself first if you really, really need them. 

If you’re still in the market for a company that does payroll services in Houston, we’re telling you: your search ends right here, right now. Houston Bookkeeping Company has been in the bookkeeping and payroll industry for more than 30 years, providing high-quality services to the people of Houston, TX. We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping solution to contractors, construction companies, and other businesses in the area.
We want to take the payroll burden off your back. Give it to us and we’ll make running a business significantly easier for you. Call us today at 713-955-5529 and allow us to help you.

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Andy Braudway
"Houston Bookkeeping totally saved our business. We started with Wave as a startup, then transferred to Quickbooks Online. They came in and went line item by line item for 12 months of transactions to bring our books up to date and save us a TON of money at Tax Time"
Andy Braudway
Absolutely Elite LLC
"Not only is she a sweetheart, she knows her Bookkeeping! We don't worry about our books anymore"
Emma Roberts
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Great Job with payroll services!
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Shirley Johnson
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