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Construction Bookkeeping

Are you a contractor who is interested in working with a knowledgeable and experienced bookkeeping company? Then, we are a match-made in heaven. Houston Bookkeeping Company is definitely one of the best in Houston, TX. We will keep your records organized and monitor your financial transactions in one centralized location.

Technologically-advanced world is where we are living now. If your construction business is doing bookkeeping by hand, it can bring disaster to your business and can ruin your future. Our bookkeeping services make use of software that can keep track of your project expenses, cost-plus hours, invoices and other important functions that your company needs. It is a good time to consider hiring a bookkeeping company that offers software developed for contractors and construction industry because transactions are more complex. 

There are important concepts that you need to consider for construction bookkeeping. First is the job cost which is useful for your project managers or supervisors. It measures how to improve estimates and budgeting. If you have accurate job cost, you will have a cash flow analysis and accurate gross profit. Second is the construction billing of your company which includes billing processes like point of sale billing and fixed price. Our bookkeeping service is complete and we will modify our service based on your needs.

Construction Bookkeeping​

As your company grows, it will require you accurate and reliable bookkeeping services to have a grasp of correct data and information needed. It is vital to all businesses to have a financial record and business analysis. With our bookkeeping services, we will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your company with an accurate basis.

Houston Construction Bookkeeping

Houston Construction Bookkeeping

While you are building up a community, Houston Bookkeeping Company ais working hard to build a long-term relationship with you by giving you quality bookkeeping and payroll services, and insightful financial advice. Our company offers construction bookkeeping services in Houston. We have years of experience working with a wide variety of contractors and construction companies. We do review, setup, and maintenance to banking, payroll and more.

Maximize the efficiency of your business as you work with us. We have a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services to cover different types of business industries. With our support, your business will definitely succeed and thrive financially even there are ups and downs in the economy. Our dedication in providing trustworthy and reliable service has enabled us to gain a depth of knowledge and experience. 


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We offer specialized construction bookkeeping services to meet your company’s unique financial needs especially in fixed asset accounting and job costing. Despite of the modern technology, we have an option to provide your company traditional bookkeeping services like bank reconciliations, monthly closings, and tax processing. Likewise, our customer support ensures your success and fast problem resolution.

Furthermore, whether your business is large or small, bookkeeping is essential for monitoring your company’s income and expenses. It is not easy for many business owners like you to manage your revenue, expenses, and transactions, at the same time, running a successful business. That is why our company is here to help you. We will provide you a cost effective solution to all your needs and requirements. Choose us because you will never go wrong with an expert, highly professional bookkeeping company.

Construction Bookkeeping Near Me​

Construction Bookkeeping Houston TX

Small and large business owners who keep accurate financial information are better equipped to create well-informed decisions. In particular, construction contractors must track how much clients owe them and how much they owe to suppliers. Proper bookkeeping practices ensure that no detail is missed out. 

Construction bookkeeping is a unique form of financial management and accounting, different from other businesses. We recognize that it’s not easy work. This is why we make it our mission to help contractors bring order to their financial records. We track each job and analyse how it influences the whole company. Costs from employees, labor, equipment, materials, transportation, and insurance must be combined together to come up with accurate figures that could help complete the bid process. 

If you own a construction company and you need someone to organize your books and other financial records, get in touch with us at Houston Bookkeeping Company. We’re  a reliable and well-established company, operating for over 30 years now. 

We have decades of experience working with contractors and construction companies, handling their financial books and records. Our bookkeeping services are available in the entire Houston, Texas area. We are experts in all major accounting software available in the market and our primary tool is Quickbooks online. Most importantly, we are a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. 

Our effective bookkeeping system encourages more accurate practices which can definitely maximize your business profits. Despite the fact that it follows the same principles of general accounting, our system has multiple distinctions that are essential to run a successful construction company. 

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