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Maintaining accurate financial records is one of the many responsibilities of a business owner. It is required by law. The business owner has the legal obligation to keep financial records in order because this will be the basis for taxation. Company revenues and expenditures must be duly reported. Failure to do so may cause huge headaches later on – penalties, lawsuits, or worse, company closure.  

There are a lot of advantages to bookkeeping. For one, it promotes transparency and accountability within the company. Proper bookkeeping practices also help ensure a company’s growth, stability, and longevity because available data can be used to make informed decisions and feasible plans. In a nutshell, bookkeeping is one of the major backbones of any business. Having a strong and organized financial system is therefore considered essential.

Houston Bookkeeping Company is one of the major bookkeeping companies in Houston. For over 30 years, we have worked with companies of different sizes, providing first-class bookkeeping services. Our solid bookkeeping practices have made the lives of business owners a whole lot easier, allowing them to save energy, time, and money.


We cater to contractors, construction companies, and other businesses as we offer the following services:

  • Preparation of general ledger and financial statement
  • Journal entries adjustment
  • Monthly, quarterly, or yearly bookkeeping
  • Setting up of an accounting system for new businesses
  • Quickbooks installation, set up, migration, instruction, and support

If you’re looking for a bookkeeping company that you can rely on, get in touch with us at Houston Bookkeeping Company. Call 713-955-5529 for assistance.

Houston Bookkeeping​

Houston Bookkeeping

A business owner understands that having up-to-date and accurate financial records play a very important role in the success of a business. Those who are just starting out would do the bookkeeping themselves rather than pay someone to do the job. However, as the business grows, the owner realizes that a lot of time and effort is needed to maintain these records. More often than not, the task falls to the bottom of the list of priorities. If neglected for long, this can cause serious problems later on. 

When things start to get hectic and you could no longer handle all the work by yourself, it’s time to get help. A lot of business owners have turned to outsourcing their bookkeeping tasks. If you’re one of the many business owners who just couldn’t find the time to continuously update the books, allow Houston Bookkeeping Company to help you.

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For more than 30 years, we have been helping companies of different sizes, putting their financial records in order, making sure they are timely, accurate, and reliable. We work with general ledgers, financial statements, journal entries, payroll, Quickbooks and other major accounting software, and many more. You can choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping services as we offer flexible options.

We are a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and we can help with all things Quickbooks-related – from setting up to installation, to instruction and support. If you have other accounting applications in mind, just let us know and we’ll customize a service plan for you. Let’s get started on getting your financial records organized today. Call us at 713-955-5529 so we can help.

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A discerning business owner weighs the pros and cons of hiring an in-house bookkeeper and outsourcing the work. Issues concerning privacy, scalability, cost, and efficiency are the most important factors that are taken into consideration. In today’s business trend, outsourcing gets the nod. With an external bookkeeper, financial records that the owner wants to keep private are kept away from inside the company. Additionally, a full-service bookkeeper can accommodate the growth of the company. 

Houston Bookkeeping Company offers comprehensive bookkeeping solutions in Houston, TX. We provide accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping services in preparation for taxation. Furthermore, we can help you manage your business. With Quickbooks, you can get readily available insights with regard to your business’ performance. This, in turn, will help you manage your vendors, customers, and inventory, improving overall efficiency. 

We are a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor so we can help you with anything and everything Quickbooks-related. We do setups, installation, migration, instruction, and support. In addition, we are also familiar with other major accounting software available in the market today. We believe in respecting customer preferences and we work toward meeting different needs. Simply let us know what accounting software you have in mind and we’ll work on it with you.
If you need services related to bookkeeping in Houston, TX, you don’t have to look further. Houston Bookkeeping Company is here to serve your bookkeeping needs. Give us a call at 713-955-5529 and let’s discuss your bookkeeping requirements. We’ll be very happy to hear from you!

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Andy Braudway
"Houston Bookkeeping totally saved our business. We started with Wave as a startup, then transferred to Quickbooks Online. They came in and went line item by line item for 12 months of transactions to bring our books up to date and save us a TON of money at Tax Time"
Andy Braudway
Absolutely Elite LLC
"Not only is she a sweetheart, she knows her Bookkeeping! We don't worry about our books anymore"
Emma Roberts
Kitchen Remodeling
Great Job with payroll services!
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Shirley Johnson
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